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Joe Quinto ponders mind control on his trippy new track 'MK-Ultra'

For this week's premiere, we've got the latest studio creation from hip-hop/pop singer-songwriter Joe Quinto. You can stream and read about his new single "MK-Ultra" below.

Joe Quinto | Photo credit: Patrick Chaves
Joe Quinto - "MK-Ultra"

Artists' statement

I've always been super interested in weird history. Not the stuff in textbooks, but like, the borderline-conspiracy,
coverup, national scandal type history. If you don't know about MK-Ultra look it up but basically it was a top-secret
government project from the mid 50s into the 70s that tried to tap into the human ability to read and control minds,
astral project, and tons of other crazy stuff. Most of these experiments were done with the aid of LSD.

I took this page out of trippy history and said "what if MK-Ultra was a metaphor for a relationship." My co-producer Adam Hernandez and I gave it the hallucinogenic sound mixed with some creepy vibes and all in all, I love how the record turned out!