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Spiral out with the new song from Dashcam and Anna Wang

Dashcam (feat. Anna Wang) - "Lifeline"

A phone is dialed. Ann Wang calls out, "In higher water you're my lifeline," over spiraling out synths. You are almost in her head as she tries to make sense of it all. It's the new song from Milwaukee's Dashcam.

Dashcam has been on the vanguard of Milwaukee's music front, collaborating with some favorites of ours like Margaret Butler from GGOOLLDD and LUXI. Here they pull in Anna Wang from Madison. Her vocals make the song feel like no one else could have been on this track.

"Lifeline" will appear on Dashcam's debut album, "Sundown on Volcano Beach." The song is available for streaming and purchase here.

Artwork by Harrison Colby