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BJ Fisher turns the studio into a saloon on his new track, 'Nothing at All'

For this week's premiere, we've got a joyous number from singer/songwriter BJ Fisher that should thrill fans of Elton John's classic piano-rock jams. You can stream and read about "Nothing at All" below.
BJ Fisher - "Nothing at All"

Artist's statement

"Nothing at All" is the first single from my debut record, Night Reminder, releasing Friday, Jan. 22. It was recorded and mixed by Zach Meyer of The Coalroom, Milwaukee and mastered by Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering.

I made the music video with my brother, Samuel Fisher, which will be released on YouTube in tandem with the song on Jan. 22. I am so excited for this release, and I believe it carries the energy of the record in a special way. I wrote this song while working at a factory and living in a Milwaukee flat with my wife Brit, and my two oldest sons Charlie and Theo. At the time, I was settling into the idea of not having much, yet having everything I needed and finding freedom to venture from that state of mind.

This song started on guitar, and once we got into the studio, the sound evolved naturally into a raggedy rock piano jam, especially driven by the chemistry of Zach Meyer on keys and Tom Kraemer on bass. Nick Lang's marriage of kick drum and snare teamed up with Daniel Dauwe's snarling guitar strikes to carry the song like a steamy locomotive. I was stoked to play the acoustic guitar given to me as a young teenager and sing in the bricks of The Coalroom, as I imagined an old piano being slapped silly in a brick saloon.