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Keeping it calm, cool and collected, Camb reintroduces himself on his latest EP

"COOL!" is the latest from hip-hop artist Camb and it's a three-track drop of coolness, capturing the rapper's uplifting energy and composure in equal measure. The EP is the first in a planned series for the Milwaukee musician.


Released earlier this spring, the EP effortlessly balances a buoyant and blithe beat with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, which creates a contrasting, yet complimentary, sense of comfort and novelty.

With a steady flow and an inviting cadence, Camb sets a relaxing tone that reflects his laidback attitude.

"The cool theme came from my demeanor," explains Camb. "I like to think of myself as a 'cool' person. When I made this EP I was reminding myself to stay cool and that everything will be OK. I went through a rough last couple years which took a toll on me mentally, and even physically, but I made it out and this was my reminder."

Even though the EP captures his casual demeanor, it still contains a sense of weight and gravity through Camb's personal reflections and experiences. He highlights some insecurities and vulnerabilities and uses these songs for a larger purpose.

"'COOL!' was an introduction to people finding out who I was as a person and artist," he says. "It's the first part of a three-part EP trilogy introducing myself as an artist and reintroducing myself to others."

The second part is set to release later next month. Until then, listen to "COOL!" below: