Milwaukee indie-rockers Versio Curs share a gleefully mopey new single, ‘Tradition’

Milwaukee indie-rockers Versio Curs share a gleefully mopey new single, ‘Tradition’

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For this week’s premiere, we’re excited to share the latest from Milwaukee indie-rockers Versio Curs. The group released a gem of a debut in 2018, “How Are You,” a brisk record that juxtaposed bright, buzzy guitars with the wry miserablism of Eeyore, the depressive donkey from Winnie the Pooh. The band has a new album called “Quit” coming out on June 11, and they’re following up its ripping lead single “Recess” with a typically peppy, typically pessimistic new single called “Tradition.”

Stream it and read about the album below.

SAMERGHANI Versio Curs | Photo credit: Samer Ghani
Versio Curs – “Tradition”

Artists’ statement

Passionate, absorbing, and strangely comedic, Versio Curs delivers incredibly confessional indie rock with splashes of pop and post-punk sensibilities. In a musical landscape that has become all too categorical, Versio Curs finds a unique sweet spot between grumbly alt-indie rock and punchy pop punk.

It’s called ‘Quit’ and it will be released on June 11th, 2021. Regarding the name of the album – all of our songs were already coming along and we could start to get a feel for what it was going to sound like in its entirety. Once we found that title, it felt appropriate to the music and just flat-out sounded cool. Off the bat, it’s this word with an immediate negative connotation, but there’s other ways to take it.

A lot of the songs deal with these cyclical notions and a sense of spinning-your-tires, flirtation with changing, or becoming complacent but knowing better – what’s the remedy? Nothing’s really as easy as just “quitting” – bad habits, toxic thought patterns, whatever – that’s not the takeaway, but you can always start if you feel like it’s in your power to do so. I think that’s one way the connotation can be flipped, as a process towards positive change, which we liked.

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