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New Fuzzysurf video tells epic tale of band battle turned car clash

Milwaukee surf pop indie band Fuzzysurf has never skimped on their videos. But there is some undeniable next-level stuff happening with “Sheep Shed,” which premiered today.

Developed with longtime collaborators Tommy Simms and Joe Ludwig of Simwig Studios Productions, the video can best be described as “Weezer’s Buddy Holly meets Bugs Bunny cartoon meets 1960s Batman meets Grease meets Rebel Without a Cause.”

It’s delightfully goofy, visually sharp and very much on brand for a group that tends not to take itself too seriously in its videos. The song, meanwhile, is seriously catchy. Fueled by driving guitars and crisp percussion, you’ll find yourself nodding along before too long.

You can watch the video below and find “Sheep Shed” on all streaming platforms.