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Donald Glover co-creator of new 'Deadpool' animated series

In recent years, Donald Glover has cemented himself as one of the only modern renaissance men in pop culture. Between his comedic career as a stand-up and on ‘Community,’ his musical persona as Childish Gambino, where he has found success both in funk and hip hop, and his more prominent acting roles in ‘Atlanta’ and ‘The Martian,’ Glover has yet to find something that he cannot master. Now, as announced yesterday, he will be diving into yet another field: animated television.

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Donald Glover and his brother, Stephen are co-creating an animated series centered around Marvel’s ‘Deadpool,’ set to air on FXX in 2018. This pairing of Glover with the character of Deadpool seems like a perfect fit for both him and FXX. Glover has certainly proven his comedic chops throughout his career, and his affinity for comic books and nerd culture give him the perfect base to do this beloved character justice.
Meanwhile, this is a perfect chance for FXX to continue to progress as a channel and grow as a brand. Building off the surprisingly massive success of the rated-R ‘Deadpool’ movie in 2016, the FX family of channels is already finding X-Men success with the first season of their new show, ‘Legion.’ Pair this new show with another overly-vulgar, hyper-violent animated comedy like ‘Archer’ and the new Deadpool show is a home run for FXX.