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Wine and music, in perfect balance. Tap to learn about our "Samples & Samples" event.

Listen to the premiere of Abby Jeanne's "Be In The Sun," residency announcement

Milwaukee's Abby Jeanne blends retro soul vibes with modern pop, so it seems fitting her new single lifts a sun-dappled Lee Fields' guitar riff adding her signature strong velvety vocals and layers of horns. "Be in the Sun" sounds like a warm reverie for a Milwaukee winter, but its lines like "this cold is getting to me" where you can feel something deeper under the surface. Abby Jeanne explained to Radio Milwaukee, "It's sunny, but actually sad. The whole thing song is based around trying to get someone out of addiction and into the light where they belong. They can see you asking them to come out of their hole, but you never know if they can manage the crawl out."

You can hear the new single live and more during "Fire in February," a month-long residency at Company Brewing showcasing the artist's favorite local and national artists along with plenty of surprises.

The residency will be held every Monday night in February at Company Brewing and the 6:30PM start time is early enough to work in the morning. Tickets are $10 per night, or $30 for all four. Grab tickets HERE.

February 5: Abby Jeanne w/ Lucille Furs
February 12: Abby Jeanne w/ Klassik
February 19: Abby Jeanne w/ Fiona Silver
February 26: Abby Jeanne w/ Rose of the West

"Be in the Sun" was recorded in Milwaukee at Wire & Vice with Daniel Holter. Listen to the track below: