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Lorde Fredd33's profound commentary on 'NORF'

Lorde Fredd33 has been circulating the Milwaukee rap scene for a few years and has come a long way since his first release with NAN in 2014. Throughout the years there has been a steady progression in his work but with NORF: The Legend of Hotboy Ronald, Fredd33 has elevated to another tier of production.
Lorde Fredd33 has been connected to NAN and Q the Sun for a few years and "NORF" is a parallel of the two's growth, style and, overall, standard. The compilation is a bleak, but honest approach to Fredd33's own personal take on life and experience growing up on Milwaukee's North Side. The last track, "Reflections," demonstrates this with opening lines that are pure poetry: "I grew up playing violins / around sirens and violence...”

Throughout the album's 15 tracks, he provides a transparent commentary on his upbringing, the current climate and the future, "NORF" is a smooth, fluid story from start to finish that offers a nuanced look into what many have faced or are facing in today's society.

Paired with the incredibly complimented production and the inclusion of other local musicians and rappers, the balanced narrative is a tangible product of Milwaukee's music scene—bursting with prodigious talent that is on-par with national ranks.

Listen to the whole album below.