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What's WebsterX's Choose Your Own Adventure event about?

A flier for a WebsterX event on August 8 crossed our desks and it promised to be something different than the standard concert experience. When I inquired about a press release to get more details, the artist himself, aka Sam Ahmed and his creative partner Ben Koller invited me to their space to meet “in 3D.”

So, what can you expect to experience at the event held on Wednesday, August 8? As a clue, the event is titled “Choose Your Own Adventure.”

WebsterX is a Milwaukee-based artist recently recognized by NPR Music as part of their Slingshot program. Ben Koller operates the Heart Haus Pop-Up Performing Arts Centre and owns the Robert Indiana-designed MECCA basketball floor, among other projects in the arts. While I wasn’t let in on the granular specifics of the upcoming event, the pair suggested that the mystery is the point.

If this year’s Eaux Claires festival is any indication, stretching the limits of what a concert can be is growing. With the voyeuristic lens of social media removing the element of discovery in many ways, a new collective calling themselves “United Species” is seeking to create a “meta” art experience only shared by those in attendance, in the moment.

The event will utilize elements new to fans of WebsterX including fashion design, theater, sculpture, and culinary arts.

In addition, the “meta-music” event is also a kickoff to a larger community arts project, seeking to bridge art and sports in the spirit of the MECCA floor; serving as an unveiling of future collaborations and projects including the “Stand 4 Peace Celebration.”

According to WebsterX, “August 8, 2018 will be an event to remember for many reasons. For starters, it will mark the very first art installation that I’ve ever done. From the start of my career, I’ve always envisioned myself expanding into different mediums of art besides performing as WebsterX in concert. I’ve always wanted to eventually act in movies and to perform art installations around the world that have nothing to do with me touching a mic at all, as much as I enjoy that. Naturally, Ben Koller coming into my life and providing me with new tools, spaces, people, and ideas of how I can accomplish these goals has been an immense help. The coolest part about the 8th is I also get to showcase all of my talented friends and provide the people with a fun, unique and refreshing time.”

To experience the immersive evening for yourself, RSVP for free admission at Other artists involved are Malcom McCrae, Q the Sun, Siren, B~Free, Christopher Gilbert, Quinten Farr, Nick Magic, knowsthetime, Jupiter Allen, WC Tank and Steve Kodis.