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How to listen to HYFIN anytime, anywhere

HYFIN, the new Urban Alternative channel from Radio Milwaukee, officially launched June 19. The channel is focused on engaging and empowering Black Milwaukee by playing the full spectrum of Black music on its platform.

These are the four ways you can listen to HYFIN any time of day:


HYFIN is available on the radio dial any time on 88.9FM HD2 in Milwaukee. HD radio allows a single radio frequency, in our case 88.9FM, to deliver multiple stations of content at one time. When you tune in to 88.9FM on your HD radio, your receiver automatically locks in to the HD1 signal. One notch over on the dial, and you're listening to HYFIN. If you don't have an HD radio, you can find HYFIN on the radio from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. every day on 88.9FM.


HYFIN streams 24/7 online at Just hit the "Listen Now" button in the middle of your screen. You can also find a playlist of recently played songs, news and culture, and an on-air schedule on the website.

The HYFIN app is available on smart devices.

Mobile app

The HYFIN mobile app has all the same features as the website, with the added ability to access with one easy tap. Simply search "HYFIN" in the Apple or Google Play stores to download for free and enjoy. Alternatively, the free TuneIn Radio app streams HYFIN all the time.

Smart speaker

You can have your smart speaker play HYFIN just by asking! "Hey Alexa, play HYFIN." "Hey Google, play HYFIN." "Hey Siri, play HYFIN." You get the idea.