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The National, Bon Iver bring out sad dad vibes on 'Weird Goodbyes'

There's that saying we all know about what you should do when life gives you lemons. But in "Weird Goodbyes" — the new single from The National featuring Bon Iver — it turns out sometimes you just get stuck with lemons.

The track, released Monday, follows a man who just needs to go for a drive in the rain after feeling too many reminders of a clearly painful life event: "Names on the doorframes, inches and ages/Handprints in concrete at the softest stages."

When he pulls the car over, he's stuck next to a lemon field.

The National frontman Matt Berninger's bassy baritone and Justin Vernon's familiar fluttering falsetto combine for a delightfully melancholy harmony on the chorus: "I'm feeling sacred, my soul is stripped/Radio's painful, the words are clipped."

As one YouTube commenter put it, "Time to bring out those sad dad dance moves."

Listen to the full track below:

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