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Claud opens up about 'Super Monster,' their relationship with Phoebe Bridgers and their Milwaukee ties

Claud's album "Super Monster" is full of tender moments of being in love. At one point they just put it on the line and say, "Can you spell it out for me? Are you in or in-between?" It's a really delicate conversation they are having with their partner. I wondered if having that moment on display would be difficult, knowing that that partner would hear the song. "No, I sent it to them as soon as I finished," Claud laughed.

There music is an open book into those moments in a relationship where your heart is laid bare. There is no shame or hiding it and I think that's what makes the album come through. It may also be what caught Phoebe Bridgers' eye. Claud is the first signing to Bridgers' record label, Saddest Factory. A record label president is usually the easiest person to vilify, but Claud says Phoebe is different as a record label big wig. "She's an artist, and I think that's the best part...She sees it in a completely different perspective than some dude who runs a label would, and I really value that."

In the interview we also get into Claud's nuanced look at humanity though the title of their album "Super Monster" and how it came to them through Daniel Johnston. We also get into listening to JDM Global and their ties to Milwaukee.