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The ska dream is real! Jeff Rosenstock and the ska revolution

On April Fools Day this year, Jeff Rosenstock and Polyvinyl "announced" that Jeff Rosenstock was releasing an entirely ska version of "N O D R E A M," on 4/20 at 3:11AM. It was very hard to tell if it was a joke or not.

"I always like a good bit," Jeff Rosenstock chuckles as I ask him about it. And it turns out it was actually an idea he had been holding onto for nine years. He said he'd wanted to do it on past albums but just never followed through. The pandemic gave him that time.

The idea is a bit of a joke, but "SKA DREAM" is also a craft of love that involved A LOT of legendary musicians and tons of care. Rosenstock says the wildest was getting Fishbone's Angelo Moore on the album since Fishbone had been so influential to his introduction to ska. In our interview he goes into his ska initiation, the bands he's played it, and why he will probably never do this again.

You can watch the interview above and stream the album below.