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Audrey Nuna on 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' and getting DMed a verse from Jack Harlow at a 100 gecs concert

I first discovered Audrey Nuna while sitting on a LoveSac in my buddy's living room in West Allis. We going on a YouTube rabbit hole, trading videos, and he said, "You've got to check out this girl, Audrey Nuna, she's so cool.," and he put on the video for " Comic Sans." I was hooked right away. The first thing that hit me was her style, which she attributes partially to her father, who does clothing manufacturing in Myanmar and would take Audrey to work on Saturdays, where she would try on fabrics and dress mannequins.

She says her dad is also secretly very creative and at one point wonders out loud, "What is up with society stifling the creativity of middle aged men?" Being encouraged by both parents, she's pursued music, landing some big names on her debut album, "a liquid breakfast" landing a verse from Jack Harlow. "He actually DMed me his verse while I was at a Pop Smoke concert. 100 gecs was opening and I was in a most pit, getting punched in the face by a 100 gecs fan and then I saw, 'Jack Harlow DMed you' and I checked and me and my friend Callie left the mosh pit and cupped the iPhone speaker next to our ears."

We also get into the importance of "A Series of Unfortunate Events" on her life as a reader, and Audrey shares a list of band name ideas, including, but not limited to Ceramic Bagpipes, Stoner Guy Who Got Lucky Once and many more.