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The Record Company's Chris Vos talks about growing up in Wisconsin

The Record Company's Chris Vos grew up on a farm outside of Burlington, Wis. His parents still farm there and Chris talks about his parents, his grandpa Don, who farmed every day until he was 92 years old. "Hard work isn't what we talked about, it was a way of life."

Chris talks with so much reverence for his parents. He said he never saw his dad at the table for morning breakfast, because his dad had gotten up at 4 a.m. and was already out in the field. Hearing Chris talk about his parents, their values and his life in Wisconsin will give you pride. As will his talk about Bob Uecker telling a story about "Sesame Street" in the middle of a slow Brewers inning, or getting married at the Hyatt in downtown Milwaukee. And he goes DEEP on Milwaukee knowledge, referencing The Two-Fisted Slopper cartoon they used to play at County Stadium. It also makes me proud when I listen to his band The Record Company, or hear them on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.