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Chance the Rapper, where's that Bucks song you promised us?

Somehow Chance the Rapper ended up on the local news after game four of the Buck/Suns finals. The video shows Chance, in a too bright local news shot, talking to Channel 12's Stephanie Sutton. It was a nice thing for him to do. She probably didn't know him too well. There is not a lot for him to say other than "Congratulations."

After a couple questions, they are wrapping up the interview and Sutton, who is just grasping for a final question, and is interviewing a musician, asks the audacious question, "If the Bucks win, will you write a song about them?"

Faced with such an outrageous ask and on live TV, Chance does the polite thing and says "Yes." He makes a promise on live TV to write a song about the Bucks if they win a championship. Check the clip here. The question comes in at 2:39

Then, the Buck WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP. And the news COMES BACK and somehow AGAIN catches Chance after game six. This time they hold his feet to the fire, reminds him of what he promised and ask him if he will write a song about the Bucks, now that they have won the championship. Again, Chance is polite, though understandably annoyed at this persistence and says, "Yeah, I'll write a song. Y'all deserve it. I can't go back on my word."

AND THEN, yesterday, Channel 4 got in on it. In an interview promoting his show this Friday at Summerfest, the reporter brings up the promises made and asks if he is going to perform the song. Chance looks like he has been blindsided. Of course he doesn't remember an idea he never had and was only pushed by local news in a city where he doesn't live. BUT he again promises to write the song and says we might get a preview of it at the show at Summerfest.

So, will Chance give a preview of his Bucks song at Summerfest on Friday? Will he even write a song about the Bucks? What we've learned is that if we keep putting the pressure on, maybe he will.