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Katy Kirby covers 'So Much Wine, Merry Christmas,' just for us

Katy Kirby released my favorite album and song of 2021. I'm not the only one that loved it. "Cool Dry Place" ended up on Consequence, Paste Magazine and Stereogum's year-end-lists. Her tender and clear voice really cut through this year. A couple months ago we did video interview here, and then I called her to do a 5 O'Clock Shadow and she recorded a song that she's never recorded or released anywhere. The song: "So Much Wine, Merry Christmas."

"It's a Handsome Family song," Katy says. "The Handsome Family is a couple. One of them is also a children's author. I think the other started writing songs all together and they ended up with all these weird children story-esque songs that tend to be a little dark as well. My cover is actually a cover of the Andrew Bird version of that song. He does a whole album of Handsome Family songs. I like covering the cover because it's a little more telephone-y."

Check the game of telephone. Here's the Katy Kirby version:
Katy Kirby - "So Much Wine (Merry Christmas)

Here's the Andrew Bird version for comparison:

And here's the Handsome Family original: