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How Barrie took Glen Campbell's 'Wichita Lineman' and turned it on its head

Barrie was writing the melody to her song "Frankie" when Glen Campbell died. She saw the news on Twitter, heard " Wichita Lineman" on the radio, and then watched the video on YouTube. The comments all admired how the Wichita Lineman sacrifices his personal needs in order to do his job. It was in the middle of Covid, when workers started to value their lives more than their jobs and resigned in droves. She saw the song at the time as a kind of litmus test for our changing (or unchanging) view toward labor, and then wrote the lyrics to " Frankie" to further that conversation.

I first discovered Barrie by asking Lala Lala what song she couldn't stop listening to, and she answered " Dig." I asked the same question to Barrie and she answered, "Idaho" by Slow Pulp.

Barrie's album, "Barbara" will be out on March 25 via Winspear.