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How public transportation in the Philippines became the centerpiece of Toro y Moi's new album

The Jeepney is key to understanding Toro y Moi's new album, "Mahal." But what is a Jeepney? "A Jeepney is a public transit vehicle from the Philippines. Specifically made out of WWII parts from American jeeps that were left in the Philippines after the war."

Chaz Bear, who is Toro y Moi, explains. On his album "Mahal," he wants to take you into the Jeepney. Actually, his Jeepney, he bought in the Bay and decorated himself, with a help from our mutual friend, and UW-Madison grad Gretchen Carvajal, who runs the company BRWNGRLZ.

Toro y Moi. Photo credit: Chris Maggio

While in the Jeepney, the album is also a tour of the America, with recurring themes of Mississippi and the South, the place Chaz is from and says needs the love and admiration that he gives it on the album.

We talk about this and so much more in the interview below.