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Madison McFerrin’s new song is a boppy, groovy contemplation of mortality

Every Monday, Add of the Week unveils all the new songs going into the 88Nine on-air playlist, with one hand-picked selection put in the spotlight by a member of our music team.

Is anyone really ever ready to die? Madison McFerrin’s latest bop asks this blunt question, and although it might sound groovy as all get-out, its structure comes from a serious place.

“(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now” is the second — and newest — single from I Hope You Can Forgive Me, McFerrin’s forthcoming album that delves into the swirling emotions of precarious situations. If you watch the video above, you’ll see McFerrin mournfully lying in a grave; the visuals feel out of the blue, but all the pieces fall into place once the backstory emerges of her in-real-life near-death experience from a traumatic car accident.

McFerrin says, “Being able to express that kind of fear while still creating a fun environment was key to making this song. For the video, we wanted to capture the feeling of not being prepared to die — grieving both who I was and who I could be.”

McFerrin is the daughter of Bobby McFerrin (yes, that Bobby McFerrin) and not only possesses a sultry, strong voice, but also some badass skills as a producer, shining the best sonic lights on her soulful jazz-funk sound that’s laced with a little disco.

You can listen to “(Please Don’t) Leave Me Now” right here, and on 88Nine by tuning your FM dial in Milwaukee or streaming worldwide on our website and mobile app.

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