Two Sound Travels Mixes… | September 2016

Two Sound Travels Mixes… | September 2016

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…as this weekend I stayed true to my promise and had a mix of 70’s era Brazilian samba soul sounds that finds the funk in more than a few ways. Rare grooves are in abundance on this mix that I’m still grooving on. Unfortunately, I somehow deleted the playlist I made to make the mix so even though the mix stands, I’m not one hundo on what I actually fit into this hour-long exploration. Enjoy!

88Nine Radio Milwaukee
Playing a little catch up on some mixes that pass the muster...

Vacation is great. Love ’em. What I could be better at is getting myself back up to speed after a good trip; after all it wouldn’t be a good trip if you don’t slow down enough to appreciate it, right?

First up is a sweet little mix that I’d originally intended to be all cumbia, ahh intentions… So when I sat down for the thing, some new reggae just sorta worried its way into the picture. Thankfully it works, not sure how, but the vibe is alright and feels distinctly like my last vacation to Costa Rica.

That’s not the only mix I have for you today…