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Listen to the small but mighty sound of Australian duo Oh Pep! at Studio Milwaukee

You've listened to their song "What's the Deal With David?" on 88Nine. Now hear Oh Pep! play the song live along with three other tracks and a live interview they recorded when they stopped in before their show at Colectivo's Back Room on March 22, 2019.

Oh Pep! began their live session with "Asking For," the second track on their newest album "I Wasn't Only Thinking About You..." Though their arrangements were simple, only standing on stage with an acoustic guitar, microphones and a mandolin, their sound was anything but.

Next the duo played "Truths," a track carried by a strum-heavy guitar rhythm and curious lyrics.

After their first two songs, Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs talked about how they met in high school ten years ago. They even talked about how it felt being asked to open for Billy Bragg years after bonding over his music. They then shared some details about the making of their latest album and their tour.

After the interview, Oh Pep! played one of their biggest hits from the new album, "What's the Deal With David?" On this track, Hally's vocals and guitar paired with Emmerichs' plucking on the mandolin made for a very full sound.

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