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Listen to Pup's first-ever acoustic performance, captured live at Radio Milwaukee

In the car on the way from Turner Hall Ballroom to 88Nine Steve said to Stefan, "We should play the songs a couple times before going on stage." Stefan, sounding like he hadn't quite thought of the concept before said, "Oh yeah. Rehearsal. That sounds like a good idea."

After running through the songs a couple times and sounding great, in the green room Steve turned to me and said, "You know, this will be the first ever acoustic performance by Pup." The band has previously been insistent that their music would not work in an acoustic setting. We beg to differ.
Acoustic session with Pup

Track list

  1. "Robot Writes a Love Song"
  2. "Matilda"
  3. Interview
  4. "Morbid Stuff"