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Rubblebucket brings brassy, arty fun to a live-wire session

Six people on stage play instruments and sing into microphones while performing under multicolored lighting.
Jen Ellis

Having touring bands stop by our Walker’s Point space for Studio Milwaukee Sessions makes us feel as though we’re a proper rest stop on the highway of their travels. We pump artists full of caffeine and snacks, and they crash on our comfy green room couch for a spell, rearranging their gear and personal belongings before the next stop.

Post-rest, the magic of the session takes over, and the applause and energy of our Radio Milwaukee Members provide that extra boost of energy to send them on their way.

It happened again when Rubblebucket made a pit stop between a snowy Madison show at the High Noon Saloon the previous night and another scheduled for Thalia Hall in Chicago. Whether it was the post-snowstorm drive or the general effects of touring, the Brooklyn six-piece arrived a little bleary-eyed.

It was understanding considering how they go all out for their shows, no doubt making energy waxing and waning like this commonplace. But, after some caffeine and time spent warming up our stage — and getting their fantastic costumes in place — they were ready to roll.

Onstage, Rubblebucket filled the room with two songs we’ve shared on our airwaves — “Earth Worship” and “Geometry” — then regaled us with stories about the themes of their new album and how to keep their stage stamina up.

On top of that, they offered some impressive choreography and costume changes, including Kalmia Traver’s cherry-blossom headpiece and princess hat, complete with face-enveloping netting. To see Traver (or anyone) playing baritone sax wrapped in netting was an unusual, enjoyable bonus. A true crowd pleaser.

Honestly, it's hard to think of a Studio Milwaukee Session where the crowd didn't walk away with the feeling they saw something special. That's even more the case for visits like this one, where nationally touring acts don't have a Milwaukee date on their tour schedule and we get to be the only place in town to see them live.

If you want to join us for the next exclusive performance, you can score guaranteed invites to all of our sessions by becoming a Radio Milwaukee Member. See how to do that — and all of the benefits — on our membership page.

Set list

  1. Earth Worship
  2. Geometry
  3. Morning In The Sun

88Nine Music Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee