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88Nine's Summerfest Must-Sees for Saturday, July 8th

San Fermin at Studio:Milwaukee session

Summerfest, proudly known as “The World’s Largest Music Festival”, surely does not fall short of its tagline.With hundreds of acts rocking Milwaukee’s lakefront during this 11 day bash, Summerfest is undoubtedly a not-to-miss hub for music, both local and global. But let’s face it…no matter how almighty the delicious food, drinks, and live music make you feel, you’re only human can simply cannot be in more place than once…and that’s okay.No need to fear, 88Nine is here with our daily Summerfest must-see picks. So slip on your dancing shoes, warm up your vocals, and perfect your fist pump for some unforgettable Summerfest performances. We’ve got you covered.

Who? Whitney

When? 8 PM

Where? Johnson Control’s World Stage

Whitney has a nostalgic Americana-pop feel that makes listeners sway and sing along. The musical talent in their band is impressive and very evident in their live show as multi-instrumentalists like frontman Julien Ehrlich simultaneously sings and plays drums. Whitney will be a fun, feel-good show that we recommend checking out.

Who? San Fermin

When? 10 PM

Where? Johnson Control’s World Stage

San Fermin’s eclectic sound is nothing short of an elegant blend of pop, rock, and indie. Emotive and honest, the band delivers stories of love, devastation and self-discovery through the dynamic cry of Charlene Kaye and rich voice of Allen Tate. Come by the Johnson Control’s World Stage tonight to catch their set!

Wh0? Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

When? 10 PM

Where? Uline Warehouse Stage

Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness is an American indie pop act that has taken a significant stance in the music industry, despite their fairly recent start in 2014. Their second album titled, Zombies on Broadway, was just released this past February has received rave reviews. Come catch them at Summerfest as they blend together the dreamy sound of synths with traditional instruments.

Enjoy the last couple days of Summerfest 2017!