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88Nine Radio Milwaukee Hackathon

Presented by Northwestern Mutual | Oct. 8 at 88Nine Studios from 9am - 6pm

88Nine Radio Milwaukee has partnered with Rokkincat to host a hackathon on Oct. 8. The 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Hackathon is an eight-hour event where Milwaukee programmers, designers, music and public radio lovers, and others work together on projects related to 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, local music, local storytelling or public radio in general.

The purpose of the event is to bring different creatives together to collaborate, to get a better understanding of each other ‘scenes’, to learn about technology, and to improve skills. 

While 88Nine will provide a suggested list of projects to work on during the Hackathon, participants are not required to work on them. As long as they work on projects related to local music, local storytelling or public radio projects. 

Everyone who participates in the project will be fed breakfast and lunch and will receive a small token of our appreciation.  Those who work on the 88Nine project list will receive a special gift.

To register for the free Hackathon event, please visit theEventbrite page.

Project Categories

  1. 88Nine Projects (click here for PDF)
  2. Storytelling
  3. Local Music

Storytelling Projects

Storytelling goal: use technology to find new ways of telling stories of Milwaukee people, organizations, etc with audio, images, or video

Challenge Areas (via The Moth’s Hackathon)

  • Discover What new experiences can we make around the discovery of audio?
  • Find How can we make it easier to search audio?
  • Listen What are some meaningful ways we can augment the experience of listening to audio?
  • Share How can we make it easier to share audio?
  • Learn What can we learn from audio? How can audio be used in an educational context?
  • Engage How can we engage a community through audio?
  • Access How can we make audio collections more usable for people with disabilities?

Examples of Storytelling projects
Call Collect (via Come and Play Hackathon) Call Collect is an easy tool for creating a phone number where audience members can simply call in on their phone. Collecting audio samples from a wide group of people or directly from your audience is difficult, time-consuming, and costly. It’s difficult for smaller radio stations or indie podcast producers to find the resources to get all the outside audio they need for their shows. It’s also tough to get feedback from the audience on a story.

VoxAnon (via Come and Play Hackathon) VoxAnon is a platform for submitting anonymous, optionally masked audio. Users contribute audio content via a Facebook Messenger bot, and have the ability to use various vocal filters to change their voice to share their story anonymously, or to modify their voice for fun.

StoryMap Using Maps to tell a story

ixi.Travel a platform that allows anyone to create travel guide. Imaginge allowing people or organizations to create various guides for Milwaukee.

Local Music Projects

Use technology to help improve the Milwaukee Music scene from booking to local music discovery to better local music calendar
Challenge Areas

  • How do we get people in the city to check out and listen to local music?
  • How do we use technology to support musicians and musical performances?
  • How do we get Milwaukeeans more engaged in the local music scene?
  • How do we get musicians and artists to collaborate and work together?


Madison library helped to build an open source interactive database of local musicians called The Yahara Music Library.

Extend this tool to allow musicians to add events, videos, booking information and more. Also, sort the library out by genres.

Local music relation tool

A tool that will allow a user to type in a national act like Radiohead and return similar related Milwaukee artists

Projects created at the hackathon owned by the participants. 88Nine may contact you to collaborate on a project after the hackathon.

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