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'More Than Love' is Joe Quinto's ballad to his wife and daughters

Patrick Chaves
Courtesy of the artist

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Countless songs have doubled as love letters — some are pretty cloaked in mystery but some of the best are plain old heart-on-sleeve. Milwaukee’s Joe Quinto has opted for the latter on his new song, “More Than Love,” where he devotes his two-minute soulful rap ballad to his wife and two daughters, inspired by those everyday moments that aren’t technically special but truly memorable and important in their simplicity.

Quinto shares that "More Than Love" is the first and only single off of the soon-to-be released EP JOEY, which finds him re-tracing his roots. “This EP is titled after my childhood name because I have come back to my roots when it comes to my passions," he says. "I’m not over-analyzing every little thing. I’m once again embracing the spontaneity and love for creating that I had in my youth and have since lost along the way.”

Part of that freeness has opened Quinto up to a place where he’s more in touch with his immediate emotions and the joys of the everyday: “This record is a love letter to my family; my wife and two daughters. I wrote the majority of this song this past winter while playing with my youngest daughter on the floor. It came out effortlessly ... almost automatically.”

You’re more than love
You're more than anything I’ve known
If heaven above
Is real, then you’re all I need to be shown

Quinto expands: “From a zoomed out lens, this song can be applied to the respect and appreciation for all of the amazing women in our daily lives. It's more than love.” Quinto’s expansive musical journey sees him continuing to create emotionally and explore genre-bending material that supplements his foundations of hip hop. JOEY (self-produced alongside Adam Hernandez) is an easy blend of both nostalgic vibes and infectious rhythms, enjoyable for its down-to-earth, universal nature.

Look for Quinto’s new EP, JOEY, out on Sept. 1 and hear “More Than Love” today on 88Nine by clicking the “LISTEN” button at the top of the page, or hear it on 88Nine over the air or through the mobile app.

88Nine Music Director / On-Air Talent | Radio Milwaukee