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Tracing the history of Latino artists making country music

On this week's "Alt.Latino," a discussion of Latin artists in country music.
Medios y Media/Getty Images
On this week's "Alt.Latino," a discussion of Latin artists in country music.

The release of Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter has sparked a national conversation about who gets to sing country music and the complex roots of the genre. Which got Alt.Latino thinking — what about the Latinos in country?

This week, Anamaria Sayre and Felix Contreras travel to Austin, Texas to speak with AmeriChicana musician Carrie Rodriguez about the difference between violin and fiddle, strings and "strangs," and who gets to play country music.

Songs featured

  • Carin Leon, Leon Bridges: "It Was Always You (Siempre Fuiste Tú)"
  • Cuco Sánchez: "La Cama de Piedra"
  • Merle Haggard: "Big City"
  • Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys: "San Antonio Rose"
  • Robert Earl Keen: "Feelin' Good Again"
  • Chip Taylor, Carrie Rodriguez: "Dirty Little Texas Story"
  • Eva Garza: "Quiero Verte Una Vez Más"
  • Rick Trevino: "Doctor Time"
  • Ruben Ramos: "Crying Time"
  • Sammy Arriaga: "Tennessee Whiskey - Spanglish"
  • The Mavericks: "There Goes My Heart"
  • Louie TheSinger: "Come and Take It"
  • Carrie Rodriguez: "I Dreamed I Was Lola Beltrán"

Audio for this episode of Alt.Latino was edited and mixed by Joaquin Cotler. Hazel Cills is the podcast editor and digital editor for Alt.Latino, and our project manager is Grace Chung. NPR Music's executive producer is Suraya Mohamed. Our VP of Music and Visuals is Keith Jenkins.