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The best songs of 2024 (so far)

<strong></strong>Helado Negro
Sadie Culberson Studio
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Helado Negro

With the first half of the year almost behind us, we take a beat on this week's show to reflect on some of the best tracks we've heard so far. You won't hear from Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or some of the other major releases you might have tracked up to this point, but we do play some of the songs that are still moving us in profound ways.

This includes Chappell Roan's insanely catchy "Good Luck, Babe!" and the story song "Modesto" from Pedro The Lion. We've also got Tyla's heady amapiano track "Safer," the wondrous sonic universe of Helado Negro, surreal era-hopping from Mk.gee and more. With NPR Music editors Hazel Cills and Sheldon Pearce, and host Robin Hilton.

Featured songs

  • Chappell Roan: "Good Luck, Babe!" (single)
  • Pedro the Lion: "Modesto," from Santa Cruz
  • Tyla: "Safer," from TYLA
  • Blondshell: "Docket (feat. Bully)" (single)
  • Helado Negro: "Colores Del Mar," from Phasor
  • Jessica Pratt: "World on a String," from Here In The Pitch
  • MK.gee: "I Want," from Two Star & The Dream Police
  • Madi Diaz: "God Person," from Weird Faith
  • Brittany Howard: "Power to Undo," from What Now

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Hazel Cills
Hazel Cills is an editor at NPR Music. Before coming to NPR in 2021, Cills was a culture reporter at Jezebel, where she wrote about music and popular culture. She was also a writer for MTV News and a founding staff writer for the teen publication Rookie magazine.
Sheldon Pearce
[Copyright 2024 NPR]
Robin Hilton
Robin Hilton is the Senior Podcast Producer for NPR Music. He also hosts the New Music Friday episodes of All Songs Considered.