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Partner Spotlight: Screaming Tuna


Name, Title & Organization you are representing.

Cristian Vega, Co-Owner of Screaming Tuna Sushi

One song you can’t stop listening to



What are you most passionate about in regards to what is happening in our community and what is Screaming Tuna doing for the community?

I'm passionate about a LOT of things in the community, probably too many, I'm gonna just keel over one day if I don't get this blood pressure down. One thing in particular: trying to find & activate young future leaders to bring about positive change in our neighborhoods. I truly believe that EVERY single person can bring value to our community, someone just needs to believe in them & show them how. Screaming Tuna is a big way for me to bring value to the community, through everything from frequent non-profit collaboration, countless donations towards good causes, & leading by example in terms of sustainability.

How did Screaming Tuna get started and what is in store for 2017?

Once we saw the view from this location, it was obvious that we had to build our restaurant on this spot on the river. I will always be the first to say that we were...not the best when we began. Far from it. There were a lot of bad reviews & completely warranted, we had a lot to learn. But, we worked hard to make a lot of changes, came a long way, & have had a lot of successes for it, winning Best Sushi in Milwaukee a number of times. We're eternally grateful for the patience of the great people of Milwaukee. What the future holds is our never-ending, tradition-breaking ideas, that toss out the mold of what as sushi restaurant has to be. We'll be doing fun things like Breakfast Sushi, DJ features, & micro-brew collaborations for years to come.

Why do you choose to support 88Nine?

When I moved from Chicago to Milwaukee in 2010, it took me about 3 years to finally fall in love with this city. Now, it is absolutely my home. A big reason for that is the good people pushing the city forward with initiatives that are inclusive, positive, & just plain cool. That's what Radio Milwaukee is for me & why I support them. And while they're so much more than my local radio station, when it comes to the music, as a DJ myself, I believe their selections are second to none. Bonus points for pushing local acts in a big way too. You rock 88.9!