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Partner Spotlight: Steinhafels

We have amazing partners who help support our mission.

This month, we're shining a light on locally owned Steinhafels!

Get to know Steinhafels below, along with one song they can’t stop listening to:

We caught up with Stephanie Graham, PR Specialist/Copywriter for Steinhafels.

What's one song you can't stop listening to?

Anything Kendrick Lamar (especially loving "Pray for Me" from the Black Panther soundtrack right now)

What are you most passionate about in regards to what is happening in our community, and what is Steinhafels doing for the community?

I am passionate about community service, especially helping to promote inclusion for all members of society. Steinhafels recently partnered with Best Buddies, which works to create opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). As a result of that partnership, Steinhafels now sponsors Best Buddies Friendship Programs in six schools across the Milwaukee area. The Steinhafels culture of giving back is one of the main reasons I was drawn to work for the company.

Steinhafels does not like to stay hidden behind the doors of its stores. The company truly strives to become part of the communities it serves. Each year, Steinhafels partners with more than 100 local nonprofit organizations on various projects. Steinhafels is proud to say that many of its employees take part in company-wide charity events. Steinhafels supports local communities in various ways: through employees’ interests, charity-based sales, donating the company’s Community Room to not-for-profit groups, and holding blood drives--just to name a few!

How did Steinhafels get started and what is in store for 2018?

Steinhafels was proud to be part of our nation's business boom of the early to mid-1900's. Steinhafels first opened its doors in 1934, as "Mueller-Steinhafel Furniture" at 3565 North Teutonia Avenue in Milwaukee. Although The Great Depression was in full swing, Arthur Mueller and John E. Steinhafel were determined to make a go of it. They weren't alone. The year 1934 saw other pivotal moments in our nation's history: The Apollo Theater opened in Harlem; President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the "New Deal", which established the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC; and notorious bank robber John Dillinger was part of an FBI ambush in northern Wisconsin, and later killed by FBI agents in Chicago that same year!

We may not be as exciting as an FBI ambush, but since 1934, Steinhafels has steadily grown to become the state’s leading retailer for furniture and mattresses.  Our family-owned business strives to provide the best home furnishings, mattresses, and home décor Wisconsin has to offer.  Our humble beginnings on the streets of old Milwaukee have now expanded to include 18 locations across Wisconsin and northern Illinois, employing about 800 people. Steinhafels is determined to share its corporate values of courtesy, honesty, and outstanding service with its customers and the communities served.

We also have some exciting new projects on the horizon! We are implementing a New VIP Program - including special discounts, private events, and free gifts. We’re also doing some interior renovations at our Corporate Store, and are expanding in Illinois. A new Steinhafels Superstore is scheduled to open in Crystal Lake in late 2018.

Why do you choose to support 88Nine?

Steinhafels supports 88Nine for several reasons. We are a Milwaukee born and raised company, just like 88Nine. We know what it’s like to build a business from the ground up. Both Steinhafels and 88Nine have a firm commitment to the community, and we lift it up by supporting local organizations, and by telling community stories.

Similarly, we both aim to help customers and listeners learn to relax, and enjoy the beautiful things in life - whether it be that piece of furniture we’ve always dreamed of, or a song that brings us joy.

More close to home, we also have many employees who love and/or play music, so we see the value in helping to support our local music and radio scenes.