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In the late 1970s, music was fundamentally changing. Nationally, Black artists were experimenting with new sounds and techniques, creating a unique form of musical expression. As disco morphed into something else entirely, a musical and cultural phenomenon was underway, leading to what we now call hip-hop. And it was more than music; it was a movement — both musically and culturally — that spread to cities across the United States, including Milwaukee.

So, who exactly recorded Milwaukee's first hip-hop song? How did Milwaukee create a hip-hop scene? In this long-form podcast series, hip-hop expert and DJ Tyrone Miller (DJ Bizzon) teams up with Justin Barney on a quest to definitively answer those questions. They speak with an array of guests who were deeply embedded in Milwaukee's emerging scene. From Speech to DMC, to Doc B, to Andy Noble, to the original recording artists themselves, Radio Milwaukee pieces together a nearly forgotten musical story, unique to our city.

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