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Menstruation celebration sheds a light on period poverty in Milwaukee

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On any given day, 300 million individuals worldwide are menstruating, according to UNICEF. On top of an average menstrual cycle involving cramps, back pain and overall uncomfortableness, menstruators have to deal with a society and culture that teaches us that periods are gross and should be kept secret.

With reproductive rights at the forefront of conversation in recent months, we can't possibly have a well-rounded discussion about them if we’re ashamed of periods.

So let’s start with the basics: A period is the discharge of blood that comes from the shedding of the uterine lining, which thickens in the weeks preceding it to prepare for a possible pregnancy. Bleeding every month is not pretty, but it is normal.

For this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee, I attended a period party that aimed to distribute period products and kits to the Milwaukee Diaper Mission. I spoke with co-hosts Nicole Wing and Jamie Robarage about period poverty and the unnecessary shame that comes at the price of a period.

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