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Celebrating life and the lessons we can learn from death

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black and white image of a grieving woman looking out a window

What would you say about death or your loved ones if you were alone and free to share your thoughts without any judgment? Would you reflect on a fond memory? Talk about how you think of them daily? Dedicate a song on their behalf?

When we’re in a situation that allows us to connect with our unvarnished thoughts, it’s possible we’ll find ourselves grappling with the profound impact that death has on our lives. We may confess our deepest fears, regrets and variety of emotions that death stirs within us.

A few weeks ago, I hosted an event for Milwaukee Film’s Culture and Communities Festival, and decided to provide attendees space to do exactly this. I opened our studio doors, gave each person a few minutes and left them with just the microphone.

I also got permission from a few of them to share the intimate moment on this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee as a way of reminding us that we are not alone in our experiences. You’ll hear some of those at the start and then, later in the episode, a conversation with HYFIN’s Kim Shine in which we reflect on the lessons we've learned throughout our month-long exploration of death.

Listen to the full episode using the player at the top of the page, and relive any of our previous episodes via the links below:

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