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Welcome to the thankless job of parking enforcement

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Parking enforcement officer standing in front of his car
Milwaukee parking enforcement officer Eldricht Hill stands near the site of one of his weirdest citations.

Before embarking on this month's journey to highlight odd jobs, there was one I found difficult to see past my own preconceived notions: parking enforcement officer.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles to see the significance of this profession. I think my aversion stems from recently receiving a parking ticket in front of the Radio Milwaukee studios and being haunted by the persistent reminder to pay it. So when it came time to focus on our third odd job of the month, I knew I needed to first understand why they do what they do. Second was seeing if they could take back my parking ticket.

I didn’t quite anticipate this interview being as much of a wake-up call as it was. I emerged with a newfound understanding of the importance of not just the people tasked with making sure we all follow the rules, but also why the rules exist in the first place.

On this episode of Uniquely Milwaukee, you’ll hear as I go behind the scenes on a ride-along with parking enforcement officer Eldricht Hill, as well as my conversation with Hill and parking services manager Thomas Woznick about the misconceptions and challenges parking staff encounter. They also reveal the weirdest place they had to issue a parking citation (hint: not on land).

Listen to the episode using the player at the top of the page, catch up on our earlier episodes using the links below, and check back with us throughout November as our “Odd Jobs” month continues.

'Odd jobs' month

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