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The company we keep: A different side of the Milwaukee County Zoo

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A man with grey hair and a goatee feeds a large hippo through large metal bars at a zoo.
Zookeeper Ryan Taylor feeds one of the Milwaukee County Zoo's hippos.

With our “Odd Jobs” month coming to a close, we thought we’d go out with a little bit of excitement: Staring down more than four tons of hippo.

OK, that’s admittedly an exaggeration, but for this episode we do find ourselves exploring the fascinating world of the Milwaukee County Zoo with one of its zookeepers, Ryan Taylor. This unique adventure offered us a rare glimpse into the daily routine of a dedicated zoo professional, making for a memorable day filled with surprises and up-close interactions with beloved animals.

You’ll hear as I go behind the scenes to the Keeper’s Hallway and meet the zoo’s two hippos: Happy and Patty. Later, Ryan shares his favorite story and sheds light on the art of building trust with the animals under his care. Listen to the episode using the player at the top of the page, and catch up on our full month of odd jobs using the links below.

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