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State of Sound: Death Is a Business

Jen Ellis

We've only been doing State of Sound since April and have welcomed 22 different acts to our Walker's Point studios since then. Please don't let that diminish the following statement:

Death Is a Business walked onto the stage for this episode and delivered the wildest, weirdest, wonderful-est performance we've had yet.

This was clear before the first note was played by the eclectic — and frequently rotating — bunch of gifted musicians. Lead vocalist Sonia Erika lingered on stage waiting for the show to begin, resplendent in a replica NASA spacesuit and feline face paint. When Kenny Perez turned things over to them, Erika greeted everyone with a speech right out of the Delta Airlines takeoff procedure handbook, except for the last part about our destination: Mars.

With the tone firmly set, the next 30 minutes were multilingual, musically adventurous and just plain trippy. To enhance your listening experience, scroll through the gallery below after hitting that "Listen" button at the top of the page. To optimize your listening experience, find a time machine and watch it live.

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