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State of Sound: Shle Berry

Jen Ellis

Some people have an ability to draw you in, whether you're in the mood or not. Shle Berry has that kind of stage presence (and social-media presence) and puts it on full display as our guest for this episode. The Milwaukee MC engages from the jump, bantering with the audience and injecting a vibrancy into the performance space at our Walker's Point Studios.

Berry spends most of the set spitting bars but sprinkles in bursts of singing, showing off versatility to go with the maturity she's trying to bring to her music at this point in her life. She talks about that with HYFIN's Anthony Foster, as well as the perspective she gained during a 15-month stint in Arizona, the rebrand/reboot she's undertaken since returning to Milwaukee and her preferred position on the basketball court.

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Set list

  1. "What I Like"
  2. "Sour Fruit"
  3. "Wrong Way" (watch the music video here)
  4. "Solo"