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State of Sound: Tigera

Jen Ellis

When we rebranded and relaunched our locally driven live-music showcase back in April, Tigera was on the short list of bands that host Kenny Perez knew he had to book. It took a little bit longer than anticipated, but the Milwaukee-based band finally joined us for this episode and very quickly proved why — like most venues in the area — we wanted them on our stage so badly.

Tigera is ostensibly a rock group, but their sound shifts and swings between decades while bringing in hints of other genres. You can hear it in the live performance, which featured their recent EP, Be My Light. The four-song collection was the culmination of a slightly unnatural release strategy for the band, opting for a series of singles before bundling them together as a set. But, as you'll hear in their chat with Perez midway through the episode, a full album may not be too far off.

You can listen to the episode using the player at the top of the page, find Be My Light in all the usual places, and visit their home on the web for links to all the ways you can keep up with their releases and live shows.

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