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State of Sound: Wave Chapelle

Wave Chapelle performing at Grace Weber's Music Lab earlier this year.
Jen Ellis
Wave Chapelle performing at Grace Weber's Music Lab earlier this year.

Wave Chapelle is prolific. What other word is there for someone who drops 53 songs in a single year? That 2021 undertaking certainly helped populate the North Side hip-hop artist's discography, demonstrating a work ethic as prodigious as his talent.

The Milwaukee hip-hop artist on his upcoming EP, new motivations and the Bucks.

When Wave joined us for State of Sound, it was mere hours before the release of his latest project, a deluxe version of Can't Stop Won't Stop with seven tracks added to an album that debuted earlier this year. Those are the songs you'll hear on this episode, which feels propelled by Wave's magnetic stage presence.

The flow is smooth, the energy is high, and the conversation is wide ranging. You'll hear a dynamic set, plus Wave's thoughts on rolling out new music, busting out of boxes as an artist and a few words of advice for Bucks fans ("When you cookin' a new meal, it takes a while for the seasonings to settle in."). Hear it all using the player at the top of the page, and find the deluxe edition of Can't Stop Won't Stop wherever you listen to music.

Set list

  1. "Can't Stop Won't Stop"
  2. "Let It Breathe"
  3. "Flow"
  4. "Victory"