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State of Sound: Troy Tyler

Jen Ellis

Growing up in a musical family is a double-edged sword when you want to follow the same path. Yes, you have easy access to talented people who can lend advice when you need it. But those same people tend to be not shy about sharing feedback, which is what our guest for this episode experienced growing up in Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Prior to taking the stage at our Walker's Point Studios, Troy Tyler shared with us that childhood attempts to share his singing voice with his parents were met with ... let's just say honesty. But that didn't deter him. From those early days right through to the present, Tyler hasn't been afraid to put in the work, and the results are all over this episode.

As he moves through his set, Tyler's instrument is on full display. He moves through his range with ease, which leaves plenty of space for the stories he tells to hit in a big way. Both he and his band bring emotion and pride to the performance. As Tyler says during the mid-set Q&A with HYFIN's Kim Shine, "I really built a foundation that isn't the L.A. scene or the Chicago scene or New York scene. I want to be Troy Tyler from Milwaukee. With his band from Milwaukee. Manager from Milwaukee. And friends from Milwaukee.

"This is the place that raised me, and I will stay here until God tells me it's time to go somewhere else."

Listen to the full episode using the player at the top of the page; find Troy Tyler on Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music; and learn more about him on his official website.

Set list

  1. "Love Me Like Tomorrow"
  2. "90s R&B"
  3. "Team Spirit"
  4. "Perfect Timing"