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There's a Milwaukee-themed bar in Tokyo

Roppongi is one of Tokyo's biggest nightlife districts, renowned for its high-end, multi-level night clubs. For visitors from the Midwest, though, there's one establishment that especially sticks out: Bar Milwaukee, Roppongi's nod to a traditional Midwestern dive bar, billiards table, dart boards, neon beer lights and all.

"It seriously feels like home," says Milwaukee native Nicole Enea, who visited the bar this fall. "It's almost like a Milwaukee basement bar; it's just missing bar dice." Despite the language barrier, Enea says, the bartender was quick to offer up shots -- just like at home -- and the bar's music was a mix of the same '80s and '90s staples that dominate jukeboxes at home.

Looks inviting | Photo courtesy Nicole Enea

Some of the finer details aren't completely right. The bar serves more Bud than Miller (although it does have Miller Genuine Draft), and I'm pretty sure a Milwaukee bar hasn't displayed a sign for Zima since the days of "The Arsenio Hall Show."

But Milwaukee visitors have helped fill in some of the true local color the bar was missing. Guests have plastered the bar with stickers for Milwaukee institutions like Real Chili, Tonic Tavern and the Brat House.

You can see a gallery of Enea's photos from her visit to the bar below, and find many more on Bar Milwaukee's Facebook page.