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Weird movies, on a scale from 'Eraserhead' to 'Sorry to Bother You'

We're 88Nine's Justin Barney and Milwaukee Film's Kpolly. We're buds, we like cinema -- we're Cinebuds. On this week's episode we're discussing weird movies.

Weird movies. We love 'em. We watch 'em. We love talking about them. But what constitutes a "weird movie?" We debate it a bit and we settle on a scale.

The scale is from "Eraserhead" to "Sorry To Bother You."

John Waters' 'Pink Flamingos'

"Eraserhead" is on the line of weird movies that are weird for the sake of being weird. Some others we talk about in this category are "Gummo" and "Pink Flamingos." These movies can be accomplishments just to get to the end of them.

"Sorry to Bother You" is on the other end. Weird? Yes. But also, it won't make you gag at any point. A bit fantastical, surreal for sure, and has a solid plot.

In the podcast we talk about some of our favorite weird movies that fall along this scale. Kpolly talks about "November," a favorite weird movie of his, and of course, we talk about what else we are watching.