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Here's what this month's Milwaukee Film Festival has lined up

Kpolly here. Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy! This week on Cinebuds we are talking about the quick return of the Milwaukee Film Festival! I know it feels like only six months ago that we had a film festival. And that is precisely because we DID. But, MKE Film has moved its festival to May and they're doing it again!

We'll be talking about some of the great films you can expect from the festival and how to watch, as the festival is virtual this year. 

"Best Summer Ever" | Playing at the Milwaukee Film Festival

So, listen to the podcast and then check out to see the full lineup of films this year.  Get ready for a variety of film voices from across the globe and right here at home. From docs to comedies, gritty reality to downright whimsy, short films to feature length. Do you want to watch four films with no dialogue? Sorry, we only have THREE!  High brow, low brow, and all brow sizes in between.  

We hope our introduction to the festival helps you find what you need. But, if not, just check out our festival page or our help page at

It's Christmas time for movie lovers! Enjoy!