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Watch MKE Film Festival darling Krisha Fairchild as an aging cannabis farmer in 'Freeland'

The Milwaukee Film Festival is underway! There are hundreds of movies to choose from and it's all virtual. Picking movies can be daunting with all that freedom! We want to make it a little easier, so the Cinebuds are going to pick one movie a day that they are excited about. Hopefully that will make it a little easier. If you want to buy tickets, or see other movies go here.

Today's pick: Freeland

Krisha Fairchild returns to MFF as Devi, an aging flower child who gets pulled down to earth after her under-the-table California weed farm is caught without a legal permit. Time is against her as she races to salvage her harvest before her business and way of life becomes a thing of the past. This refreshing character study plays as a companion piece to NOMADLAND, through both spirit and dreamy cinematography.