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'Pig' is a beautiful anti-revenge movie

"Pig" stars Nicolas Cage as a reclusive truffle forager who has his truffle pig stolen from him and then seeks to get her back though navigating the underworld of Portland’s restaurant scene. 

If Anthony Bourdain wrote a movie, it would be "Pig." 


Chefs backstab chefs over getting the best ingredients. There is a code in the kitchen and a respect for the work. It’s gruff and grizzly, but ultimately it’s romantic. Cage, for once, is understated. His character is incredibly written by first time screenwriter Vanessa Block and Michael Sarnoski who gets his debut full length feature credit. 

"Pig" is a triumph. It made me want to be a better critic and a better person. 

In the podcast Kpolly calls it the anti-revenge movie and shares a couple theories as to why Nicolas Cage will star in a really good movie once every 10 or so tries. And we also get into the reopening of the Oriental Theatre and what’s new and some interesting details to check out when you go.