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Kenneth Branagh reflects on his childhood in 'Belfast,' but finds little to say about it

Kpolly here. This week on Cinebuds we are discussing the latest film from actor/director Kenneth Branagh, "Belfast."

In this loose memoir, Branagh explores his time growing up in Northern Ireland during the “troubles” when conflicts between Protestants and Catholics reached a fever pitch. In this small street with families that have known each other for generations, a tension has brought danger and fear into their lives.

The film is also a coming of age story about a little boy and his family as they struggle through hard times.

It’s also an excuse to play Van Morrison’s Greatest Hits, in order, throughout…

It’s a lot of things, this movie. But do they all fit together? Let’s find out.

We’ll also be talking about a ton of TV that we’ve dug into lately. You remember tv shows, don’t you?

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