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Sports! Cinebuds share their favorite sports movies of all time

Writing by Kristopher Pollard

The Cinebuds are split on their passion for sports. One loves sports and the other is triggered by the very word. But, for some reason, we were both very excitable young boys when discussing our favorite sports films! (Pardon me from going from third person to first person plural within the same paragraph...have you guessed which of us didn't enjoy sports, yet...?).

On this week's episode we discuss the tropes of sports films and our very favorite. From your standard underdog, ragtag group of misfits to your less-than-standard underdog, ragtag group of misfits! We run the gamut!

Golf, Swimming, Bobsledding, and Cricket!  We covered all of America's favorites! Don't forget to Like, Subscribe, and Share our podcast far and wide! And follow us on Instagram at @cinebudspodcast. We'll be asking you about your favorite sports film and can't wait to see your picks!