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I'm not crying about a stop-motion seashell wearing shoes, you are

Every week, Kristopher Pollard from Milwaukee Film and a mystery co-host talk about movies and maybe — just maybe — become Cinebuds.

This week, I'm joined by Sarah Mac Lahr from 88Nine as we continue our search for the next Cinebud!! And we're talking about the new adorb-core movie — I just made up that genre — “MARCEL THE SHELL WITH SHOES ON!” (all-caps and exclamation point courtesy of the host and not A24 Films).

The story started as a series of YouTube videos, with comedian Jenny Slate voicing the title character, who is a shell with … well, shoes. In the feature-film adaptation that has been met with great reviews, Marcel is living an adorable life in an Airbnb when a filmmaker discovers him, and they start a journey to find Marcel's lost family. It's a family film, but one that will appeal to all ages (editor’s note: as opposed to, say, “ Sonic the Hedgehog 2”).

We'll discuss who did or did not cry, whether said crying was from joy or sorrow, and which parts we WOULD have cried at if we were in a place where crying was socially acceptable. We'll also talk about what else we've been watching and getting to know Sarah a little since this is her first “Cinebuds” episode!!

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